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About Milky Norks

The main concern of any breastfeeding mum is, ‘am I making enough milk?’ And while breastfeeding is a supply and demand relationship (i.e the more that is removed the more will be made), many mums feel like they need a boost to meet their babies needs and that is where Milky Norks comes in. My personal desire and need to increase my supply after my 4th baby is what put me on the path of finding solutions that where specific and worked. I had to create what didn't exist. Let me get personal while I explain....

My boobs are tough critics. Everything I tried that was available, breastfeeding teas, lactation cookies and the standard malt products (maltesers and milo etc), did absolutely nothing for my supply. I mean nothing. I would read all these people having success with these products and I was literally dumbfounded, how come they weren't working for me? The thing is, when I started to ask other friends, they were also experiencing the same (or the lack of!) results. Which got me thinking that if I truly wanted to experience a supply increase with galactogue herbs and foods, I would need to experiment and create my own blends and recipes.

Two years of deep diving into researching, testing and constant tweaks and improvements, when I had my supply at 300ml per pump from using my products (keeping in mind I have been an exclusive pumping for my last baby so I have a very clear measure of what does and doesn't work - the measurement on the side of the pump collection bottle! And I started at 100-150ml per pump) and other mums testing were getting the same awesome results, we launched. The rest they say is history. We continue to monitor our products and your feedback is vitally important to us. Why are our products so different to others available?

Milky Norks is unique to other lactation supplements available in that we developed our products from a personal need and desperation to feed our babies. It wasn't a commercial 'idea' that we thought would work, they are grass roots products developed and used daily by our creators.

And they taste yummy!

We only exist to bring you high quality, specifically formulated products that actually work. And at the core of our ethos is making sure you are educated. Lactation products are not magical fixes. They should be used in addition to correct technique, education and support. If we can help you improve your breastfeeding relationship with education or pointing you in the right direction prior to using our products, than that is a huge win for you and your baby. Increasing breastfeeding rates, normalising breastfeeding and making mums feel supported is super important to us.

Every product in our range has been mindfully crafted and contains nutrient dense and effective ingredients to support you on your breastfeeding journey. 

Not enough milk is one of the leading reasons women note for stopping breastfeeding and we have created our products to support you in your breastfeeding journey. 

We are mums ourselves who have cried countless tears over the stress and anxiety from our own personal breastfeeding issues. We use our products and have have had personal success in their ability to support and help milk supply.

We want the same for you. 

We realise there are many other lactation support products available, and we take our role in the market extremely seriously. We only supply high quality organic lactation and breastfeeding teas, malt drinks and lactation cookies that have been uniquely blended by hand in small batches. We are extremely honoured that our loyal customers let us be apart of their breastfeeding journey over and over again. That is something we are truly grateful for.

You can purchase our breastfeeding tea, lactation cookies and lactation malt mixes in bundle packs for great value and milk boosting pow pow, or you can also purchase each product individually.


We urge you, if you are concerned about your milk supply to please get in contact with a lactation consultant - most supply issues can be resolved if you seek help from a professional on what is causing them. You can read more on increasing breast milk supply here.