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Lactation Coconut Malt Drink Powder

Like our yummy Chocolate Malt Mix powder, our Coconut Malt drink is bursting to the seams with our malt extract powder and is given the superfood boost of coconut milk! 

Dairy free and delicious, if you aren't a chocolate fan, or you want a traditional malted milk flavour instead, this drink is for you!

Like a warm malted white chocolate, it is creamy and makes the most amazing coconut latte. 

Malt is well known for its supply boosting ability and this is complemented with coconut milk powder in this mix. 

Coconut contains medium chain fatty acids and has been shown in studies to increase the quantities of these naturally occurring fats (Lauric and Carpric acid) in a mothers breast milk. They are antimicrobial and help guard against infection.

Coconut products are favourites of breastfeeding mums for their nutritious components and yummy taste.

Totally refined sugar free, we use organic coconut sugar to add the perfect balance of sweetness. 

Our coconut malt mix is also perfect to add to all your favourite baking recipes to give your favourite muffins a supply boosting kick and also perfect for fussy kids to sneak some hidden nutrients!

 You can also use your malt mix to:

- Make a delicious supply boosting cold smoothie: couple of tablespoons of malt mix, half a banana or handful of berries, choice of milk and ice and you have a filling, nutritious milk boosting drink. For an extra decadent treat, make as a milkshake and swap the fruit for some ice cream and caramel topping, yum!


Ingredients: Dried Malt Extract, Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar

Our Malt Mixes are dairy free.

They are not gluten free, as they contain gluten from the malt extract (Barley) 


Place three heaped teaspoons (more or less to taste) in cup. Add 1-2cm of boiling water and stir to dissolve the powder. Fill cup with hot or cold milk of your choice (add extra sweetener if desired).

Milk Boosting Tip:

Make your malt drink with Oat or Coconut Milk for an added milk making boost! 

Do I need other products to boost my supply?

We strongly suggest that if you are needing to increase your supply, that you use multiple products to ensure you get the maximum boost. All our products will work in isolation but if you have multiple cups of breastfeeding tea with a few lactation cookies and a delicious sweet and creamy choc malt supply boosting hot chocolate, then you can be 100% confident you are including a full range of lactogenic herbs and foods in your diet that will benefit your breast milk supply.


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