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Lactation Brownies - Recipe using the Lactation Cookie Mix!

September 17, 2021

Lactation Brownies - Recipe using the Lactation Cookie Mix!

The easiest lactation brownie recipe you will make!

You Will Need: 

1 pack of Lactation cookie mix

3 Eggs

125-250g butter 

180g block of dark cooking chocolate

30g cocoa

Breastfeeding malt drinking powder (optional for icing)

Icing sugar (optional for icing)

Hot water (optional for icing)

Splash of milk (optional for icing)

 I have been wanting to create a lactation brownie mix for a long time now. I have experimented with a fair few variations, but nothing really hit the spot that I was 100% happy with. I know where my dissatisfaction came from – the fact I called it a lactation brownie put hugggeeee expectations on my final product.

Anyone who has been around these parts for a while now know that at my core, I am a true decadent baker. And not to toot my own horn, but with years of experience, thousands of sales and reviews under my belt and customers telling me so, my lactation cookies are the tastiest damn cookies around! Taste was super important to me when I created them.  Eating food is pleasure, and if you are happy whilst you are eating lactation cookies and enjoying the experience, well that all adds to the feel good factor and helps get that oxytocin flowing!

lactation chocolate brownie with sprinkles

Ok I digress. Brownies, I was talking about lactation brownies. True brownies are fudgy and dense and decadent. That is achieved because they don’t have a great deal of flour in them, mainly melted chocolate, butter, sugar and a tiny bit of flour. When you have galactagogues like oats, brewers yeast, linseed and malt that you are trying to jam in there, it doesn’t leave a lot of room to play with. I knew I wasn’t going to get a 100% traditional brownie, but I wanted this to be more brownie than chocolate slice. And after a gazillion batches, I am very happy to present you with a lactation cookie recipe hack that turns the lactation cookie mix into lactation brownies!! Woohoo! And just because I can, I created a chocolate malt icing to go on top. Stop. Seriously, soooo good. 

First up, this recipe uses half of one back of lactation cookie mix. That’s 250g of powder. Add to that 30g of cocoa. The other thing that doesn’t change is the amount of eggs. 3 of those lightly whisked.

What can change depending on your taste preference is the amount of butter and dark chocolate used.

First batch I made: 250g lactation cookie mix, 3 eggs, 30g cocoa, 125g butter, 125g dark cooking chocolate. Baked at 160 for 20-25. Texture: more chocolate slice than brownie, but if you used a lower temp and didn’t cook them for as long you would achieve more of a gooey centre and crunchy top.

Second batch I made: 250g lactation cookie mix, 3 eggs, 30 cocoa, 200g butter, 150g dark cooking chocolate. Baked at 160 for 20-25. Texture: closer to a brownie than slice, denser and damn good! Same as the first batch, you could achieve different textures by playing with cooking time.

Side note: As you all know, I am mid reno and I am ovenless. I am doing allll my baking in my air fryer, which in reality you should always drop by 5-10 degrees what a recipe calls for, so I probably should have baked all of these at 150, but alas, I didn’t. So my overview is probably if anything, based on a slightly overcooked version.

Third Batch I made: I went all out with this making it decadent and super naughty! 250g lactation cookie mix, 3 eggs, 30g cocoa, 250g butter, 180g dark cooking chocolate (the full block). Baked at 160 for 20-25 mins. Texture: chocolatey, decadent, fudgy, big chunks of choc in there because there is sooo much. Not for the faint hearted but definitely my favourite!

 Ready to go in the over (or air fryer in my case): So glossy and yum!

Lactation brownie mix ready to bake

I then went and made a malt icing, which turns any of these into a big delicious bite of chocolate brownie mixed with like a bucket of melted maltesers on top. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds!

Batch 1 and 2 definitely needed the icing for me (probably because I had the air fryer too high) because they weren’t as moist as Batch 3. BUT it is batch 3 that I have iced in the photos with the shaved coconut on top. Honestly, it is heavenly!

Which ever version you make, brownie batter is much more fluid and liquid than a cookie batter, it is more cake like, not that runny, but the more fluid (by the amount of choc and butter added) the denser and brownie like they are.


In a bowl lightly whisk 3 eggs. Then to the bowl add 250g lactation cookie mix and 30g cocoa. Mix together.

In a microwave proof bowl or glass measuring cup add your chopped butter and chocolate and microwave in 30 secs bursts, stirring between to bring them all together. When they are properly mixed, the butter and chocolate blend together in a glossy gorgeous liquid. The type of chocolate and cocoa you use makes a big difference, I use Callebaut cocoa powder and the fancy dark chocolate from Coles or Woollies (in the baking section – or the Cadbury one).

It does come together, be patient and keep stirring!

Add that butter and chocolate mix to your other bowl (which now has your dry mix, eggs and cocoa) and stir! Don’t over stir, but you want them well mixed. If you are feeling cheeky, add a handful of choc chips to the mix. 

Mixture before all incorporated:

Pour batter into lined over proof brownie/slice tray and bake at 150/160 for 15-25 minutes (big range I know, but you just got to watch this one. I will update when I get an oven, or rock over to a girlfriends house with all my ingredients and bake up a storm).

Remove from oven and bask in your cleverness! Wait for it to be fully cooled before icing (if you are doing this step)

Malted chocolate Icing

This is now officially my go to icing. It tastes like a mouth full of maltesers. I could eat the whole bowl of this on its own!

½ chocolate lactation malt or coconut lactation malt (if you don’t have, just use another 1/2 cup of icing sugar)

½ cup of icing sugar

2 tablespoons of cocoa (2 if using coconut, id only use one if you use chocolate malt)

2 tablespoons of room temp butter

A little milk, a little hot water. No measurements for this, a little hot water splash and mix, some milk and then mix, mix, mix, don’t be tempted to add more liquid before you have really mixed because this type of icing can very suddenly turn very liquidly, you want this to be a butter cream consistency. Confession: I actually made a double batch of this (the brownie with the coconut on top and that thick layer is 1 cup of icing and 1 cup of malt, 4 tablespoons of butter and cocoa) completely unnecessary, like it is dripping, but my goodness, so good!

It makes a big slab, 12-16 slices depending on how you cut it.

To make dairy free use nuttelex. For a vegan version, I will come back to you when I have subbed out the eggs and post my vegan lactation brownie version here too.

That is it! The lactation cookie mix, hacked into lactation brownies!

Happy baking!