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Malted Chocolate Lactation Bliss Balls Recipe

February 05, 2020

Malted Chocolate Lactation Bliss Balls Recipe

Is it a slice, are they bliss balls, are they lactation cookies that don't need to be baked? Really, who knows, who cares! They taste delicious and they are super easy to whip up at home! 

lactation bliss balls recipe

This recipe is extremely quick and easy to put together, so get your cup of breastfeeding malt and a lactation cookie and get ready to add a new recipe to your kit of yummy treats!

Before we begin, when you think bliss balls or traditional lactation bliss balls, you might be thinking nuts, honey, dates, pumpkin seeds,  you know some healthy kind of things in there... Well sorry to burst your bubble on that one, these are naughty, decadent, whip up in 5 minutes because you haven't had a shower, you are covered in vomit, you just got a let down and now your shirt has a wet patch and finally the metamucil you have had to take to get your bowls moving after birth is working, oh god I have to run I literally have 5 minutes to whip these babies up kind of balls. Oh yes, my kind of 'Damn Mama', you deserve a treat kind of balls. Spoil yourself. You know, feel free to amend and add any any extra healthy bits, it's your recipe, go nuts! 

Now the original inspiration for these came from rum balls I made at xmas time. They were boobie balls, with some added extras... So I have amended a little bit to make these mum group friendly he he... Of course, feel free to add any any extras you may desire. 

The beauty of this recipe, no raw ingredients - SO TOTALLY OK TO EAT THE BATTER! Life changing. 


Ingredients you will need:

- 250g oats (roughly two big cups) We mill our own oats into oat flour for our lactation cookies so I used 250g of our milled flour. I measured it and it is two cups. You might need to add some more to make the mixture thick enough if using whole oats. Tip if you just want to use straight out of the bag without blitzing in the food processor but don't want big whole oats - use quick oats. They are just rolled oats cut up.

- 1 Can of condensed milk - you can use coconut condensed milk to make these dairy free (from the asian food section of the supermarket)

- 1/4 cup of linseed meal (don't use seeds, it needs to be crushed to get the benefits - hence while our lactation cookies use the meal and not the seeds)

- 1/2 cup of breastfeeding malt - up to you if you use our chocolate breastfeeding malt or our coconut breastfeeding malt. Just gives a slightly different flavour. If you don't have any malt (buy some) no really, if you don't you can leave it out. Just replace it with 1/2 cup of desiccated coconut instead (or any other filler you like - almond meal would be good too), but malt is delicious so I do recommend adding the malt.

-1/4 cup of brewers yeast. Now be very very careful which brewers yeast you use as to how much you can use in these lactation bliss balls without making these fowl tasting nuggets even the dog won't eat. Truly. If I was using the brewers yeast I use in our lactation cookies, I could get half a cup in here and they would still taste delicious.  I used the Woolworths brewers yeast to test these so it is easy access for everyone to find. Compared to others I have tried available online and via health food shops - it is pretty palatable. And easily available so win win. If you are unsure, start with 2 tablespoons. If you are using our breastfeeding malt, you really don't have to worry about going over the top with the brewers yeast

Like that on their own - delicious. But to make as chocolate bliss balls, add in 1/4 cocoa, I also added in 1/2 cup crushed chocolate because, yum.



Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix. That is it. If this mix is really wet, you can either:

- put it in the fridge for 30min to 1 hour before rolling or

- add more dry ingredients in to make it not so wet and easy to roll, ie almond meal, coconut, other stuff. Personally, I prefer the fridge because if you add too many dry ingredients, once you roll and put in the fridge, when you eat them, they can be dry, so I prefer to keep the ratio as stated and just roll them when the batter is harder.

Or just put it into a slice tray instead of rolling into balls. I personally prefer to eat balls. Something about just grabbing one from the fridge just makes them so appealing.

Roll into balls and coat in fancy stuff if you want. Then place in a container and keep in the fridge.

Note: I tried rolling in cocoa for the pictures, because you know - that always looks fancy in food pictures... FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR FIRST BORN DO NOT ROLL IN COCOA. It is gross. Just saying. Do it at your own peril. I used my really expensive french baking cocoa. Still gross. It is bitter and gives you a mouth full of powder. At first I was like, oh it kind of balances the sweetness. No. It. Doesn't. Roll in coconut. Or just don't roll. They really don't need it.

Serves per recipe. No idea. Depends on how big you roll your balls and how much batter you eat in one go. So 1 serve up to say 20? 

That's it! More recipes for your guys coming really soon! 

Jodi x