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Lactation Chocolate Malt Drink Powder


Malted milk powder and Milo are hailed as supply super savers from mums in breastfeeding forums across the internet and Facebook.

Our malt mix is a yummy decadent addictive drink that makes the perfect afternoon pick me up and a great alternative to other malt drinks used to support supply. Our mix contains 60% malt vs the 16% of other brands. Malt is naturally nutritious and contains B vitamins.

I created this mix as I wanted a healthier alternative to Milo and I wanted to really up the quantity of the malted barley to maximise the supply boosting qualities. Commercial malt drinks are full of unnecessary sugar which I wanted to remove.

Cacao was important to include as it is a rich natural alternative to cocoa powder with 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, is a rich source of iron and magnesium and is a natural mood booster. Plus it gives the mix, its divine rich chocolatey flavour!

Totally refined sugar free, we use organic coconut sugar to add the perfect balance of sweetness. 

Not just for breastfeeding mums, our delicious velvety smooth choc malt drink is a nutrient rich favourite of all family members! In fact the harshest critics of all (my kids!) where the original taste testers for this recipe and when it passed with flying colours and lots of 'mmm's' and 'can I have more please' I knew we had a winning formula. And indeed, the amount of malt drink mixes we sell indicates our customers love them too!

Our breastfeeding malt mixes are hard working kitchen staples not limited to hot drinks. You can also use your malt mix to:

- Make a delicious supply boosting cold smoothie: couple of tablespoons of malt mix, half a banana or handful of berries, choice of milk and ice and you have a filling, nutritious milk boosting drink. For an extra decadent treat, make as a milkshake and swap the fruit for some ice cream, yum!

- Add to your favourite baking recipes: you are only limited by your imagination! Add your malt mix to muffins, cookies, cupcakes, bliss balls. If you bake it, you can add some malt mix! 

Breastfeeding mums LOVE our malt mix! Hundreds of kilograms walk out of the door every week!

Please Note: This product contains no dairy or milk powders -  we have done that on purpose to keep the ingredients list simple and to cater for mums who themselves can't drink dairy or are on dairy free diet for bub or are vegan.

If you make it only on water or largely water based it isn't going to be a creamy drink - it needs some form of milk for that. If you are using a plant based milk, thinner watery milks will also not make a super creamy drink. This is just an FYI to set realistic expectations, it isn't a mass produced product full of fillers and additives. When I refer to it as a creamy drink I am referring to it is a made up drink on full creamy dairy milk as that is how I drink it (and what you will find the majority of mums are referring to as well).

Ingredients: Dried Malt Extract, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cacao

Our Malt Mixes are dairy free.

They are not gluten free, as they contain gluten from the malt extract (Barley) 


Place three heaped teaspoons (more or less to taste) in cup. Add 1cm of boiling water and stir to dissolve the powder. Fill cup with hot or cold milk of your choice (add extra sweetener if desired).

Do I need other products to boost my supply?

We strongly suggest that if you are needing to increase your supply, that you use multiple products to ensure you get the maximum boost. All our products will work in isolation but if you have multiple cups of breastfeeding tea with a few lactation cookies and a delicious sweet and creamy choc malt supply boosting hot chocolate, then you can be 100% confident you are including a full range of lactogenic herbs and foods in your diet that will benefit your breast milk supply.



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